Gorgeous today! After three days of almost non-stop rain (which brings with it the onset of SAD feelings and the ultimate embarassment of frizzy hair) we have a return to the sunshine. To relieve the boredom yesterday I set myself the tack of pimping up my friend Lisa-Marie’s MySpace, if you want to take a look and add her then click HERE.
It’s been a slow week for me, feeling pretty slow inside. That coupled with the impending move at the end of the month and the fact that I will have to have no internet for the first time in almost nine years for maybe up to a week is not a fun prospect. I may go mad, I may bake, I might even lose the will to live but I know that for both business and pleasure when I get my internet sorted I will be infinitely happier than without it. Funny to think how little I knew all those years ago and now I am a web designer, have written numerous online columns and blogs and my PC is probably my most used and beloved possession, besides shoes of course.


LisaMarieBourke.com is a UK model who has appeared in Playboy and various bits and bobs on TV and music videos. She’s a lovely lovely girl and her site is live and almost finished (and yes all twinkles were requested) and reflects her personality – please take a look.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Hmm ok so yeah if I were a celebrity then I am sure that every now and then I might add a few inches of height or pop away the odd blemish but I like to think that I would not go to this level. The worst part about it is that because we have all seen Britney plastered everywhere on an almost daily basis (including shaving her head, then going blonde and now black again) I fail to see where the hair in this picture came from, let alone the face or the body. Despite rumours that cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden used a body double for the perfume ad after Britney stormed off the set, a spokesperson for the company insists “the only person in the national print ad for Britney’s Believe fragrance is Britney Spears.” Hmm, well paps get to Britney every day for something or other and a few weeks ago she went to shoot some scenes for an upcoming ‘comeback’ music video and she sure as hell was not in anything like this kind of shape.
It’s difficult to believe that even though she seems so very troubled that companies are continuing to promote her. It’s like they forget that she seems like a very fucked up human being right now and just go right ahead with milking the cash cow while they can. It’s a shame that people around Britney don’t put as much time into talking to her and trying to reach her as Elizabeth Arden’s art department did making this poster.

Little Miss SunshineNow if you are not in the UK you may not know this but up until 10 days or so ago the British summer had been pretty nonexistant. We had rain, alot of rain, then a week last monday everything changed and bar a couple of thunderstorms the weather has been hot and sunny. Now I do truly adore sunny weather. I have never been a sun baker but I do feel generally happier and healthier somehow on a sunny day even if I am just sat indoors. Seeing as people over here and now going mad at the chance to expose as much flesh as possible (no idea why, these people never heard of self tanning moisturisers?) then I thought I’d post a few links relating to sunshine on this lovely hot day.

BBC Sunshine information including benefits and dangers of sun exposure, how to tan safely and much more.

Sunshine Solar Panel Energy online store.

Rays of Sunshine Charity exists to grant the wishes of terminally and seriously ill children between the ages of 3-18 who live in the United Kingdom. With your help they and their families can experience the joy and excitement of doing something they’ve only ever dreamt of before. Help us turn wishes into happy memories.

Now go out and enjoy the sun, slap on some factor 50 and avoid monokini disasters… after all who wants to look like Mimi Carey even if it is just on a sun lounger in your suburban back garden?…

Click here and have much fun moving your mouse about and making virtual paint splat pictures. Heaven.

Marvel at the artwork created in the back windows of revoltingly dirty cars.

15 Unfortunately placed adverts over at Oddee.com.

Anyone like me who has a son (or god forbid more than one – how do you handle all that unbridled testosterone in little packages?) should check out this playfight video. Just like a regular weekend in my house…

Why oh why does this not come in ladies sizes?

Or why not take one or more of the Human Mind & Body surveys on the BBC website.

Last but not least, is it just me or does this dog scare the living hell out of you?

Sometimes, it’s one of those weeks, you need a little perk up in the middle and when I get like this (I work from home and sometimes everything just merges into one) I often dip into YouTube and see what randomness has been posted for my entertainment. Now this clip is not new to me, but it is one of my favourites, just for the fact that only the Japanese could come up with something to completely quirky, random and painful to watch. Enjoy Silent Library featuring Ernesto Hoost.

If you wish to watch the MTV UK show Fist of Zen then check out some clips here and the official website here.

Charlie Sheen & Denise RichardsSee, I love celebrity gossip and trash sites, I really do. First thing in the morning a cup of Earl Grey & Vanilla, and a modest but nonetheless satisfying pile of HobNob’s at my disposal, I love to trawl certain sites to look for celebrity fuck ups. This caught my eye this morning on the glorious WWTDD and I had to mention it. The basic premise here is Denise Richards (yeah she was hot once long ago before she boarded the spaceship to planet Crazy) asked ex husband Charlie Sheen (In a 1997 Empire magazine interview, Sheen was asked what was the largest number of people Sheen had sex with at any one time. He replied: “…five girls at once. It was a pile-up…and it wasn’t so much about going Caligula, it was very organised. Very ordered…all six people in that room came out of it pretty satisfied”) for a sperm donation to have a third child. Now they reportedly hate each other and yet Denny allegedly made the request. Best quote of this however goes to Monsieur Sheen with the understated “I would sooner, in exactly what I’m wearing, walk on the surface of the moon”. Just awesome.
Credit People for the quote and thankyou!